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Taking leadership on sustainability drives growth for brands  

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NewsMediaWorks’ Dr Tony Wilkins wrote about the potential of sustainability thinking to drive brand growth on Mi3: 


Sustainability is climbing the political agenda, fuelled by increasing consumer concern about the health of our planet. 

“Brands that take a leadership position on sustainability issues become part of the solution while driving growth. Inaction risks regulation and erosion of customer trust. But voluntary business-led initiatives are already delivering results.”

You can read the entire article here on Mi3.  


Dr Wilkins is NewsMediaWorks’ Executive Director of Environment and the former Head of Environment at NewsCorp Australia.  

He has previously written about the success of the news media industry in keeping newspaper recycling rates among the best in the world. 

“Australian publishers were early adopters of sustainable practices and have been using recycled fibre in Australian made newsprint since 1995,” writes Dr Wilkins.   

“Informing the community about sustainability initiatives, including those by the industry, is important. By voluntarily working towards sustainability, businesses can deliver the best economic outcomes for all stakeholders.  

“All brands should be factoring in sustainability to meet these growing expectations of our communities.”  

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