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‘The truth is worth it’: The incredible risks taken by investigative reporters

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The New York Times is shining a light on the risk reporters take to bring readers information they can trust in a creative campaign that focuses on the hard work by journalists behind the scenes.

The campaign website emphasises the rigorous investigative process that includes “piecing together the facts. Vetting sources. Connecting the details.”

In a press release, the Times stated that it “applies journalistic rigor to every topic we cover, in our mission to deliver what is critical to democracy — independent journalism with an unwavering commitment to the truth.”

So far, the campaign has covered five different topics in engaging videos that have already spread quickly around social media channels.

The below video follows the journey of a reporter trying to unravel the official government narrative about what happened to the Rohingya Muslim minority.



Creative agency behind the campaign, Droga5, said that the campaign hits home particularly in a time where facts are being distorted by political agendas:

“In a time when the truth is being twisted, bent and sometimes forgotten, we’re showing how The New York Times brings the truth back to readers across the world.”

“The Truth Is Worth It” forms part of the Times’s “The Truth Is Hard” series, highlighting the resources, time and commitment needed to power quality journalism, and that subscribing to The Times is crucial in that effort.


Banner image: Adam Dean for The New York Times


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