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The use of the word ANZAC and the Centenary logo in advertising

Protection of Word ‘ANZAC’ Regulations were made in 1921 under the War Precautions Act Repeal Act 1920 to protect the word ‘ANZAC’, and any word which resembles it, from inappropriate use.

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Under the Regulations NO person may use the word ‘ANZAC’, or any word resembling it, in connection with:

  • … any trade, business, calling or profession or in connexion with any entertainment or any lottery or art union; or
  • as the name or part of a name of any private residence, boat, vehicle of charitable or other institution, or other institution, or any building …


While most uses of the word ‘ANZAC’ require the authority of the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS under the Regulations.

These are…

  • the use of the words ‘ANZAC Day’ in connection with an entertainment held on 25 April itself or on consecutive days including 25 April.

Under the Regulations an entertainment is defined as including ‘… any exhibition, performance, lecture, amusement, game, sport or social gathering held or conducted from the purpose of raising money.’

  • the use of the word ‘ANZAC’, or a word resembling it, in the name of a street, road or park containing or near a WW1 or WW2 war memorial. Such place names existing prior to 1921 are also permitted.

In all other cases the Minister considers the merits of each individual application in deciding whether to approve a particular use.

ANZAC or Anzac?

It is generally advised that ‘ANZAC’ should be used when referring to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  For other, more modern usages of the word (Anzac Day, Anzac Spirit, Anzac Centenary etc.), the Department of Veterans’ Affairs recommends ‘Anzac’.


Any individual or organisation may apply to DVA to use the Logo for their events and initiatives if they believe it fits with the aims and the spirit of the Anzac Centenary commemorative program.

What are some examples of events and initiatives the Logo can be used for?

The Logo can be used for community based events such as:

  • Commemorative events and services;
  • Displays and exhibitions; and
  • School and community activities.


The Logo cannot be used for:

  • Commercial gain or enterprise. The Logo is for non-commercial purposes only;
  • Merchandising purposes (unless approved by the Commonwealth);
  • Goods that you will be importing into Australia;
  • To promote an event or initiative that is currently in the proposal phase and not confirmed; and
  • For any purpose, without first obtaining written permission from DVA.


The Logo design encapsulates the qualities that forged the spirit of Anzac and gave birth to our national identity: courage, mateship, sacrifice, generosity, freedom and a fair go for all.  The Logo will be used to promote official and related Anzac Centenary 2014-2018 events and initiatives.

The aim of the Logo is to encourage Australians, young and old, male and female, to feel proud of the people and the spirit that helped forge our national identity. It also aims to inspire all Australians to make sure this important legacy is passed down to future generations and never forgotten.


In 1994 a general policy relating to biscuit products was adopted. The policy recognises that the names ‘ANZAC biscuit’ and ‘ANZAC slice’ have been in general use in Australia for many years, recipes appear in many cookbooks and biscuits are sold at numerous small fetes and fundraising events.

It should be noted that approvals for the word ‘ANZAC’ to be used on biscuit products have been given provided that the product generally conforms to the traditional recipe and shape, and is not used in association with the word ‘cookies’, with its non-Australian overtones. For instance, an application for ANZAC biscuits dipped in chocolate would not be approved as they would not conform to the traditional recipe.

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