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The Works Q2 – Community

Think local, act local

Community news media lifts awareness of new products and services

More community news media readers are introduced to new products and services by their local newspaper than any other advertising platform, according to News Media Works’ Think Local research report.

One-in-two readers use their local paper to learn about new stores and fresh promotions offered by local retailers.


Big brands go local

Local area marketing helps big companies connect locally

Community news media advertising enables big businesses to establish a local identity – a vital factor when three-quarters of readers say they consider this aspect when making a purchase.

When national businesses become part of the community, 75 per cent of shoppers say they are more likely to give them patronage, according to a survey by Research Now. Localised marketing supports national campaigns with ads tailored to engage consumers who commute, live, work or shop within a specific trading area.

By tapping into the close relationship readers have with community news media, businesses can connect with local shoppers, increasing awareness, promoting special offers and driving sales.


Concentration barrier

Readers pay more attention

Newspapers are a “leanin” experience, requiring a reasonable level of attention.

The content tends to concentrate the mind, leading to deeper and increased engagement by the reader compared with most other media channels.

A second critical factor is the physical process of reading, which requires greater involvement than lower-attention media such as TV or radio.

Consequently, readers are less likely to be distracted by other activities, increasing the chance that they’ll engage with the advertising.

Readers are most likely to concentrate when reading their local newspaper and while online on PCs, laptops or tablets (27%), according to research on local and regional newspaper readers, conducted by Research Now.

Broadcast media not only has lower attention levels, 17 per cent for television and only 12 per cent for radio, their audiences are more likely to be distracted or undertake other tasks.



Cut through the noise

Readers ‘cut out and keep’ ads

Consumers are four times more likely to make a note of information in a community newspaper ad than they are from information broadcast the TV or featuring in a radio ad, according to a survey conducted by Research Now.

Catalogues have a similar impact to newspapers, according to the research, which was commissioned by NewsMediaWorks.

This demonstrates the power of print, which is easy to collect and reference later. TV and radio work at an awareness level, relying more on the memory of their viewers and listeners.

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