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The Works Q2 – Digital

Put in a good word

Social influencers a powerful ally

Some 9.8 million influencers across a range of product categories consume digital news media from the major publishers.

This influence stretches across a range of products and services. Readers aged 14-29 are 34 per cent more likely to encourage others to buy beauty products compared with their non-reading counterparts.

Readers aged 30-44 are 13 per cent more likely to encourage others to buy food and dining products/services and are 23 per cent more likely to post a comment online.

Finance brands can influence the purchase decisions of young consumers indirectly with digital news media.

Readers 45+ who are regular readers of news media content are 15 per cent more likely to be asked for their advice about finance products by young consumers, and they are 13 per cent more likely to keep up-to-date with those products and services than those who do not engage with mainstream news channels.


Surge in digital

Digital audiences continue to grow

Some 12.7 million consumers engage with digital news media, according to the new Nielsen service, Digital Monthly Ratings.

Those who are aged under 30 and digitally native have always known newspaper websites as a popular destination.

Each month, digital news media reaches two-thirds of consumers aged 14-29.


50 shades of pay

Find the 50+ group online

Seven in 10 aged 50+ consume digital news media – that’s 5.2 million consumers. Of these, 1.4 million made an online purchase in the last month, making them 14 per cent more likely to buy online than their non-reading counterparts.

One of the most popular digital categories for these readers is travel. They are 9 per cent more likely to use the internet to book a holiday and 10 per cent more likely rent a car online than others.

Auto brands looking to attract new buyers can reach an active market with digital news media. Some 46 per cent of all those intending to buy a new car in the coming months are 50 or over, with digital readers 20 per cent more likely to purchase a car than non-readers.


Big spenders across categories

1:3 are regular online shoppers

The digital news media audience is among the top online spenders across most measured retail categories in emma.

Consumers of digital news are 7 per cent more likely than non-readers to have made an online purchase in the last week.

Taking the adventure equipment market as an example, readers spend 29 per cent more than non-readers. For home and gardening products, the difference is 11 per cent more likely.

Online readers’ big spending extends to technology, where they will spend 8 per cent more on tablets and smartphones.


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