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The Works Q2 – Influence

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Eat, love, shop

Analysis of reader incomes and shopping habits show they earn more, shop more and spend more than the minority of consumers who do not use news media to find out what is going on in the world around them.

Demographics and psychographics also highlight the influence readers have over others, especially when advising friends and family on prospective purchases. Capturing the attention of these affluent and influential shoppers can pay dividends for advertisers.


Readers earn more

News media advertising provides marketers with a direct line to Australia’s highest earners. Consumer data from emma shows full-time workers who read print and digital news media earn considerably more than non-readers.

Sectors such as FMCG, retail and travel compete to reach consumers from high income households. Readers are twice as likely to have an annual household income of $120,000+ compared with non-readers.



Readers shop more

So-called “High Street” brands reach consumers who love to shop. Figures show readers frequent malls and strips more over a four-week period than non-readers. Further, one-in-two readers will have made a purchase online in the past week.



Readers spend more

Higher income levels translate into stronger spending power for news media readers. Across a range of categories, readers spend more than other shoppers. For example, when it comes to buying a car, readers intend to spend 14 per cent more than non-readers, and spend 32 per cent more on home entertainment and electronics than non-readers

Influence the influencers

Creating relationships with social influencers is of primary importance to today’s marketers. According to Nielsen, 83 per cent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising. Some 4 million readers say they are often asked for their opinion on tech products by friends and family.

Brands can reach consumers who influence the buying behaviour of others with news media advertising.

Readers actively encourage others to buy based on their own experience. For example, some 4.8 million readers have recommended a restaurant or food product to friends and family in the past month.


Reach a decision-maker

Household decision-makers across a range of product categories are avid readers of newspaper journalism. Supermarkets and FMCG brands can reach most of their target market through news brands, with 14.1 million main grocery buyers reading news media in the past month.

Some 13.7 million consumers responsible for selecting household financial products read news media in the past month.

Phone and internet providers can reach 13.9 million consumers who make the final call on home telco needs. Water and power suppliers can communicate with 13.2 million utility bill-payers with news media advertising.


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