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The Works Q2 – Multiplatform

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Advertisers can reach business decision-makers through news media

News publishers’ print and digital platforms continue to deliver quality audiences, especially in the business community.

Some 93 per cent of business decision-makers (2.9 million) are regular consumers of news media each month.

For advertisers seeking high-value decision-makers, emma says the news publishing sector reaches 95 per cent of executives responsible for decisions involving more than $1 million.


Digital platforms extending reach

16.7m engage with news media

Nine in 10 Australians consume news media content via publishers’ print and digital platforms every month, according to emma.

Almost three quarters of Australians (72% or 13 million) now access news media content on digital platforms, such as desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Print news media continues to maintain a large audience with 13.7 million readers, or 76 per cent of the population.

Readership of community and regional print newspapers remains strong with almost half (46%) picking up a copy each month.


Take a deep breath 

Insurance providers can boost marketing effectiveness with print and digital news media.

Some 10.2 million policy holders engaged with news media content last month, according to new research figures. Perhaps pertinent for advertisers, 92 per cent of those actively planning to buy insurance in the next 12 months are regular readers.

Loyal insurance customers are consumers of journalism, too, with 94 per cent of the top percentile spenders on health insurance saying they read a newspaper.


Super Savers

Readers set aside more money for retirement

Average superannuation savings are 17 per cent higher for readers compared with those of non-readers.

Journalism in print and digital formats is read by 91 per cent of those planning to purchase superannuation products or switch providers in the next 12 months.

Brands in this space can leverage this market penetration, especially newspapers, to deliver a powerful message together with more complex detail in an engaged environment. Print is accepted as delivering advertisers with the best way to articulate complex messages.


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