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The Works Q2 – Print

Readers pull the purse strings

11.8m can’t be wrong

Some 79 per cent of main grocery buyers rea
d newspapers – that’s why grocery retailers and FMCG brands regularly use this channel for both brand campaigns and tactical advertising.

Eight in 10 household finance decision-makers read a print newspaper last month.

Some 11.8 million print newspaper readers are responsible for selecting their home telco provider, while 11.3 million choose their household’s utility providers.


The 3+ Club

Some 47 per cent of Australians read three or more newspapers every week

As digital consumption of news journalism rises, it’s easy to forget print remains the most popular source news for many Australians. Some 8.5 million say they read at least three newspapers every week, according to emma findings.

A large number within this core group – 4.5 million – say they pick up a newspaper every day.


Wealth of knowledge

Finance brands can influence the influencers

Some six million people read business and finance journalism every month. Newspapers are an especially strong channel in this sector, delivering an audience of 3.8 million over this period.

These readers are influential, often advising family and friends on financial products and services. They are 42 per cent more likely to be asked for their opinion and knowledge on finance products, according to emma.

They say they will voice their opinions on financial products online. The emma survey finds they are 30 per cent more likely to share a positive comment online, and 15 per cent more likely to be critical or negative.

This audience segment is characterised by a propensity to be early adopters. The research finds they are 28 per cent more likely to be the first to try a new finance product in their social circle.

Finance brands looking to drive word of mouth and reach highly influential consumers can do so by incorporating business and finance section advertising in their media plan.


Cash in on regular readers

Regular readers earn above-average salaries

Regular print readers earn more than the typical Australian. Their average salary is $84,178pa, which outstrips by $8,697 the wage earned by the average non-newspaper reader ($75,481pa).

Readers’ higher earnings translate into stronger spending power. Advertisers looking to reach the wealthiest shoppers should include print newspapers in their media plans.


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