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The Works Q3 – Community

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Local shop

5:6 readers prefer to shop locally

localshopFive out of every six readers of community newspapers support local businesses.

Some 80 per cent of them buy groceries at their local supermarket, and three-infive value their relationship with their local bank branch.

Staying on the local shopping strip is also a preference for readers who buy health care products (75%) and health services (63%). A substantial percentage also prefer to shop locally for clothing and fashion (35%), entertainment (32%), and home furnishings (26%).

Prints ads boost online search

50% driven online by a print ad

printadsboostOnline marketing and print advertising complement each other in the world of local newspapers.

Ads in local newspapers are more effective than any other media category at inspiring potential customers to go online to find out more information on a service or product.

They out-perform metro and national newspapers, as well as TV, radio and catalogues. And they are all more effective at driving search than social media (16%) and websites with local information (13%).

In newspapers we trust

innewspaperswetrustTrust is at the heart of influence, and results show the community newspaper is among the most trusted media.

National and metro newspapers have the highest trust, followed by local papers and then TV and radio, with search and social media well behind.

Trust in newspapers is up to two times higher than trust in television or radio, three times higher than for online search, and 13 times higher than trust in social media.

The strong ties that local newspapers have with their communities, and their inherent links with small business and local franchises, give advertisers a powerful platform to establish and reinforce trust in their brands.

Keep ’em wanting more

4:5 read most issues of their community newspaper

keepemwantingmoreReaders’ inherent need to stay connected keeps them coming back to their community newspapers, in print and online.

Two in five readers say they read most editions of their community newspaper, while a similar proportion never misses an issue.

Being seen in the local newspaper establishes a business as being part of the community.

Readers become familiar with these businesses over time, giving advertisers a competitive edge over less well-known competitors in the locality.


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