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The Works Q3 – Print


Total Recall

Core readership covers 30-64s age bracket

TotalRecallNewspapers continue to contribute the largest portion of the news media audience, delivering news and entertainment to 13.7 million people aged 14+, or 76 percent of the population.

The core audience of newspapers remains the 30-64 segment. This reach is accompanied by outstanding advertising recall by the readership (see next article.)

The 30-64s makes up 58 percent of all print readers, while the highly-valued 25-54 demographic represents 49 percent of total readership.

The 14-29 and over-65 segments both have the same proportion at 1:5 readers. (21%).


Product Pioneers

Early adopters love their newspapers.

productpioneersWhen it comes to building momentum for a new brand or product, appealing to early adopters can be critical. Some 75 per cent of those who are often the first in their social network to try a new product or service read a newspaper.

Some 931,000 early-adopters of entertainment services and products have read news media in the past month. A further 845,000 who say they are in the market for new communications products enjoy the same habit. Liquor marketers can reach 661,000 consumers who say they enjoy trying out new beers and spirits, and recommending them to friends.


Newspapers help brands stay top of mind

newspapershelpStanding out from competitors in a crowded ad market has never been harder. This is why being top-of-mind for prospects at the early stage of the purchase journey is critical for sales.

A recent NewsMediaWorks report, which studied buyers in the automotive, travel, electrical goods and health insurance market, reveals that 63 per cent of buyers recall seeing or hearing a specific ad in the early stages of the buying process.

Newspapers outperform nine of the ten tested media platforms for gaining cut through and lifting recall, with an average of one-in-three buyers (39%) saying they recall seeing a print ad at the outset of their buying cycle.


Catalogues, news together

cataloguesnewstogetherUp to 3 million consumers say the last catalogue, brochure or leaflet they read was found in a newspaper or magazine.

Using newspapers as the delivery vehicle is guaranteed to get catalogues in the home, increase campaign efficiencies and improve reach.

Some 60 per cent of consumers have seen a catalogue or brochure in a newspaper in the past week. This rises to three in four (73%) consumers over a two-week period.


Property porn: the love affair continues

Section readership surges 500,000

propertypornDespite the online explosion of recent years, nothing has stopped the public’s love of reading their newspaper real estate section regardless of whether they are in the market or not.

The latest emma figures reveal the number reading newspaper real estate sections – affectionately known as property porn – has increased by 570,000 to 7.4 million in the last year . That’s two in five of the adult population.

When it comes to buyers, uncertainty in the property market doesn’t seem to be dampening enthusiasm. According to emma data, 946,000 prospective buyers are in the market right now – an increase of 74,000 year-on-year.


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