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Tom Goodwin’s guide to change that matters

Hear Tom Goodwin’s talk on building bridges between digital and traditional media, returning to basics and using the best of both past and present technologies to create new advertising experiences.

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Tom Goodwin, executive vice president of Innovation at Zenith Media, took to the stage at INFORM News Media Summit last month to deliver what he called his guide to change that matters.

Goodwin’s address centred on the notion of change, focusing on the threats and possibilities, to provide a nuanced view on what matters most.

“We need to be aware of what’s changing, aware of what technology makes possible, aware of how people are now behaving in certain ways, but also remember that our industry is rooted in long-term human things that have not changed,” he said.

Goodwin’s role at Zenith Media is to understand new technology, behaviours and platforms and ideate and implement solutions for clients that take advantage of the new opportunities these make possible.

Watch the highlights and full presentation below:



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