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Misleading and Deceptive Conduct for Motor Dealers

Motor Dealers need to have a clear understanding of what is required to deliver legal and ethical advertisements.

Along with misleading and deceptive conduct, it is important to remember the significance of road safety messages and to not challenge or weaken efforts make to reduce and improve road safety in Australia.

Advertisements should not depict behaviour which could be considered to be:

  • reckless, dangerous or illegal;
  • disrespectful to the environment; or
  • avoiding advertising messages based on speed, performance and acceleration.

There is no reason that creative concepts cannot contain humour, imagination and puffery in the advertising of motor vehicles but it should not undermine the precepts of the law or other industry codes.

It is essential to make certain that motor vehicles are not marketed or advertised in ways which might, however unintentionally, encourage inappropriate attitudes or lead to careless, inconsiderate or dangerous driving.

Read the NMW Guideline for more information.

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