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Total newspaper media audience up again: emma

– Cross platform readership increases to 16.4 million people – – 14.4 million Australians read printed newspapers – – 11.2 million Australians read digital newspaper media –

Total audience for combined cross platform newspaper media readership is up 1.1% year-on-year to 16.4 million readers over a four-week period, the latest emma™ data for the 12 months to December 2014* has found.

Consumption of newspaper masthead content on digital platforms has driven the growth in newspapers, increasing by 8%, and compensating for a 3% decline in the readership of printed newspapers.

Printed newspapers, however, continue to have a higher penetration than digital platforms for newspaper publishers. Printed newspapers reach 92% of the population, or 14.4 million people, every month, compared with total digital readership penetration of 63% (11.2 million people).

The 40 to 54 age demographic is the largest consumer group of printed newspapers, accounting for 26% of readers. This segment is also the highest earning, with an average personal income 39% higher than the national average.

Digital readership skews younger, with the 25 to 39s comprising 29% of readers, while 40 to 54s are the second largest group at 27% of readers. The 40 to 54 year old demographic is also a high earning group, with personal incomes 19% above the average.

The Newspaper Works CEO Mark Hollands said: “Printed newspapers continue to attract four out of five Australians as readers every month, which is a compelling proposition for advertisers.”

The Newspaper Works Insights Manager Brian Rock added: “The growth of smartphone usage and the desire for news on the go is reaping significant rewards for newspaper media, with more than 3 million people accessing newspaper media content via their mobile phones, an increase of 13% year on year. This is a real opportunity for advertisers looking to reach a growing and engaged news media audience.”

The Sydney Morning Herald continues to be Australia’s most-read newspaper, with 5.1 million print and digital readers, followed by The Daily Telegraph (4.34 million) and the Herald Sun (4.2 million), while the Courier-Mail is read by 3.3 million, followed by The Age with 3.27 million. In printed newspaper editions, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph have the highest readership, with 3 million readers, while Melbourne’s Herald Sun/Sunday Herald Sun comes second with 2.9 million readers, and The Sydney Morning Herald/Sun-Herald is third with 2.3 million.

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