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Trust report: Peter Miller

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This is all translating to improved ad revenue performance and new revenue streams.

In Australia, the news media sector remains the third largest media sector by ad revenue, reporting $2 billion for the full 2018 financial year.

The fact that the bedrock of print advertising is metro newspapers demonstrates that the core business is strong.  In addition, digital ad revenues are growing and outperforming the total market.

Our investment in a market leading readership metric, emma with Ipsos and Nielsen, allows us to track the strong audience reach we now deliver across print and digital channels as publishers continue their focus on cross platform news delivery. In fact, more than half of news media readers (55% or 9.1 million people2) consume their trusted news content in both print and digital.

Trust is of key importance for us. This strength of reader trust in news media in the fake news era should not be underestimated.

Why? Because cross-platform news brands dominate when it comes to consumer trust, ably led by quality, credible journalism. As Australia’s most trusted media channel, research has found that trust positively impacts purchase intent, something savvy advertisers leverage.

This was clearly demonstrated in the NewsMediaWorks ADTRUST* studies. The research unambiguously shows that readers trust the content and advertising in newspapers over all other media, and that they trust the content and advertising in digital news media over all other digital media. The survey also found that the more readers trust the content and advertising in a medium, the more likely they are to purchase. It makes a powerful case to marketers to advertise more heavily in news media.

This has also been the foundation for our trade campaign that is designed to highlight the unmatchable trust in brands that can be created through advertising in a trusted news environment.

They say the company you keep defines you.  So, if you surround yourself with the truth, you in turn will be trusted.  As Australia’s most trusted news media, we’re the ideal place for brands to be seen and believed. The truth builds trust. 

Designed and executed by independent Australian agency, Thinkerbell, the group’s founder and consumer psychologist Adam Ferrier said the concept of the campaign grew from research that underlined the superior level of trust in news brands because of its journalism.

“Branded messages will appear within context that has been fact checked, proofed, and considered.  We wanted to ensure advertisers understood that and how important that is for brands,” he said.

“The campaign has appeared in every metropolitan and national newspaper, and in the vast majority of associated news websites, as well as community and regional titles. Running for 4 weeks to date we are delighted to report that so far there have been over 28,000 unique users to the www.thetruthbuildstrust.com.au website. This indicates real interest in our proposition that messages from trusted brands appearing in trusted media add measurably to purchase intent.

So, news media publishers can now deliver brilliant cross-channel experiences to readers as well as and striking cross-channel advertising and rich media solutions to advertisers. And they do this in an environment of trust which optimises advertising effectiveness.

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