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UK looks to Australia for new publishing metric

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Called PAMCo Audience Measurement for Publishers, the metric is similar to the ground-breaking Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (emma), introduced five years ago.

Publishers have welcomed the metric which will collate cross-platform data in the market for the first time, bringing together phone, tablet, desktop and print analytics.

“The value of a cross-platform metric is that it simplifies the planning and trading of published media,” said PAMCo CEO Simon Redican.

“Instead of buying formats in print and impressions online, the user can buy audience reach across platforms.”

Mr Redican said that because PAMCo eliminated copies of redundant information for audiences across any single or combination of platforms, the buyer could see “both the best-reaching and most efficient combination of platforms and trade accordingly”.

Mal Dale, general manager of TheReadershipWorks which administers emma, congratulated PAMCo on the launch.

“The PAMCo approach and design is a tip of the hat to emma and reinforces our long-held view that siloed, paper-based, door-to-door surveys of readership are no longer relevant or accurate,” he said.

“The Readership Works released Australia’s cross-platform, currency-on-currency single view of audience back in 2013, setting the standard for measurement of news media and magazines that other leading markets are now adopting.”

PAMCo’s methodology will see research partner IPSOS survey 35,000 participants each year. Each will be interviewed in home to collect print readership and demographic data, with 5000 selected from a digital panel. The smaller group will have a specially designed tracker app installed on their devices (desktop, laptop, phone and tablet) to monitor their usage and report back.

The most innovative part of this process is the ability to rid duplication through a data file developed from comScore, to fuse estimates with the readership/enumeration survey.

Paul Bainsfair, head of the UK’s industry body for advertising and marketing communications, told trade website Campaign: “Having one single de-duplicated view across all platforms has been top of our wish list for many years and PAMco has delivered this to the benefit of publishers, their media agencies and advertising customers”.

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