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UK print rivals join up for single-call ad deal

Advertisers in the UK will now have the ability to book the top ads in print and take over the front page of multiple mastheads simultaneously with a single call.

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The collaborative initiative, called Impact, will allow advertisers to book the spaces for one day and reach 21 million adults across the UK via print and digital. The block has the ability to make 51.4 million impressions in a single day, according to UK readership data.

The mastheads taking part include The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, i, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Metro and Evening Standard alongside the online-only Independent and 24 regional titles including the Daily Record and Manchester Evening News.

The Financial Times is not taking part in the collaboration.

Impact was announced at the Newsworks Effectiveness Summit in London last week. Newsworks chief executive, Vanessa Clifford, said the process of booking the block by only contacting one masthead is “truly simple”.

“Collaboration should always be multi-faceted and adaptable and Impact is a fantastic example of news brands’ collaboration – creating a package that not only delivers 21 million adults on one day, but 21 million adults in a quality environment that we know will deliver results and profit for advertisers,” Ms Clifford said.

The ad block will set an advertiser back £375,000, with Ms Clifford noting it is a fair deal compared to TV, out of home and radio in terms of reach and price.

The launch of readership metric Pamco in May sparked the idea for the collaboration, as the competing publishers recognised coming together would make it easier to compete against Facebook and Google for ad dollars.

Vanessa Clifford will be a speaker at NewsMediaWorks’ INFORM News Media Summit on September 14 in Sydney. Get more information at:www.informsummit.com

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