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Under-35s trust news media (and the ads placed there)  

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New analysis from AdTrust shows that news media remains highly trusted, including among under 35s.  

The data shows that advertisements placed in news media environments are considered the most trustworthy.  

Why do readers trust news media? Our research shows that consumers believe that the content in news media is regulated and publishers held accountable for what they write. They trust that the ads in these environments are also regulated, and publishers that do the wrong thing will be held accountable.  

AdTrust research reveals that news media remains highly trusted among young people  

In fact, under-35s trust ads in newspaper even more than those aged over 35.  

Social media, on the other hand, is strongly mistrusted by all age groups, and considered the least trustworthy of all media categories.   



Download the full research report and infographic in the blue box below

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