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Unruly teams with MediaCom to improve ad targeting

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 Video ad tech company Unruly is improving upon its cultural connections opportunities with a new partnership with media agency MediaCom.

The partnership will allow the News Corp owned company to gain cultural data through MediaCom’s Cultural Connections research, allowing marketing content to better target an resonate with consumers.

Unruly will incorporate the cultural insights into its first-party data segments, meaning advertisers can specifically target individuals in a chosen area with video content through cultural private marketplaces.

The new offering will launch in the Asia-Pacific region this year before later expanding to Europe and the US.

MediaCom’s Cultural Connections research took place in 2016, interviewing over 60 000 consumers in 52 countries, to create a database of the cultural dimensions that change response to brands and brand content around the world.

Ian Forrester, Global SVP, Insight at Unruly, said: “Unruly has been tracking the different cultural responses to video advertising around the world for years through our content testing tool Unruly EQ and trends platform Unruly Pulse.

“However, this new partnership with MediaCom takes this insight to another level. For the first time, we have the capacity to provide an objective and quantitative explanation for the differences we’ve observed between markets.

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