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Upcoming festive alcohol advertising and promotions

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The types of practices and promotions that are unacceptable are those that: 

  • may encourage the irresponsible consumption of liquor
  • may discourage a patron from monitoring or controlling the patrons consumption of liquor
  • are likely to have a special appeal to children (for example, because of the use of designs, names, motifs or characters that are likely to be attractive to children)
  • are indecent or offensive
  • use emotive descriptions that are likely to encourage irresponsible consumption of liquor
  • involve providing free drinks, or providing drinks at discounts, in a way that encourages patrons to consume liquor more rapidly than they would otherwise do
  • are prescribed by the Liquor Regulation as an unacceptable practice or promotion.

Download our industry Guiding Principle on advertising alcohol.

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