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Vanessa Clifford reveals the three reasons for a rethink

From profit return to the value of quality context, Newsworks’ Vanessa Clifford shares latest evidence of newsbrands’ effectiveness while challenging the media industry’s focus on silos and circulation.

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When Vanessa Clifford, the chief executive of British industry group NewsWorks, argues the case for news brands, she highlights their innovative capabilities, their power in reaching masses and their role in our contemporary society.

“They have greater reach than they ever have before,” she says. “Forget the glory days where people use to speak about great circulation. They reach more people than ever before – more than 24 million people every single day.

“They dominate the TV news agenda. In the morning they sit there and look at the front pages of the papers. Every radio station discusses what’s in the papers today. These are brands that matter and they are breaking big stories. They are the ones holding people to account.”

With 25 years of experience in media, Ms Clifford now works with advertisers and agencies to assist them in harnessing the influence and context of the national press to deliver effective campaigns in a multi-platform world.

Watch the highlights and the full presentation from her talk at INFORM below:


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