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Whimn announces short video documentary winners

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Women’s lifestyle website Whimn, in collaboration with Screen Australia, has announced the six female filmmakers to have won funding through the Doco180 project.

The winners will each make a video that will tackles an issue of significance o Australian women, providing viewers with numerous perspectives on the issue – a ‘complete 180’. Each video will be optimised for social media sharing and run for 180 seconds, or 3 minutes.

Santilla Chingaipe will make her directorial debut with “Black Beauty”, a film which will examine the relationship between Australian women of colour and ‘the beauty media’, and dissect the ways in which they are represented. Sari Braithwaite will tackle the gender pay gap through a social experiment in “The Pay Gappuccino”.

The differing experiences of women in family roles will be examined by Shannon Harvey and Jasmine Richwol. “Mission Impossible”, directed by Ms Harvey, will follow a day in her life, as she balances being a journalist, a mum, a house keeper and a woman. Ms Richwol will also borrow on her own life experience in “IVF vs. The One”, empowering single women to think about fertility options as they approach middle age.

Jasmine Richwol, Sari Braithwaite, Dominique Pratt (Left to right). Photo: Supplied
Jasmine Richwol, Sari Braithwaite, Dominique Pratt (Left to right). Photo: Supplied

Comedienne Loani Arman will loan her body to director Kelly Hucker in “My Body Says”, a film to redefine body image. Dominique Pratt will take a different approach to the body in “Coming Up For Air”, a film to explore the challenging issues associated with terminal illness and the complexities of organ donation.

Executive editor of whimn.com.au, Melissa Overman, said she was “blown away” by the quality of all the video pitches received.

“There are so many topics and issues that are important to women today and we’re very proud to be able to offer these incredible female storytellers the chance to share them with Australia.

“It just reaffirms our commitment to quality video content – so much so that we’re hoping to work with more than just the shortlist of applicants. We can’t wait to see the final docos!,” she said.

The filmmakers will each receive $6000 and have three months to complete their submission. The films will hit social media platforms in October.

The Doco180 project will be funded 50/50 by Screen Australia and News Corp Australia-run whimn.com.au.

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